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Howard Moskowitz and history of the “point of happiness (addiction)” in food


The first job I had after graduating from Howard Moskowitz Harvard was a challenge. I had to get the U.S. troops were able to feed properly through what is known as the MRE, Meals acronym Ready-to-Eat. These MREs are few food packets carrying soldiers during their operations. The problem I had was the army that the soldiers did not seem to like it much, and therefore stopped eating enough calories to meet their missions.

And that’s where Moskowitz came into play, and what eventually end up fatter directly the income statements of several companies and, incidentally, to millions of people worldwide.

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Making fried flowers. Easter Recipe


Sweets and desserts Easter are among my favorites. It seems that the lack of meat was substituted with sweets, as throughout our country there are several very tasty and interesting recipes. Flowers make fried in Galicia from the carnival, we do not expect to Lent to enjoy this delicacy. For those who do not know how to make fried Easter flowers, I tell you how step by step.

We want to mislead you and this recipe is the trickiest. It’s not complicated but elaborate when you consider there are some small details that go perfect fried flowers and despair in the attempt and leave aside. It’s a versatile recipe also supports several variations, so keep trying. The mold you can find in hardware stores.

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Making meat in the oven stone house


There are many ways to cook the meat but one of the most appreciated is the roast to the stone. Generally this type of cooking is more typical of professional ovens and grills, but with a little imagination, we can do in our home. So I hope you please learn how to make meat in the oven stone house.

The stone to be used may be any that resist high temperatures for a long time and it is also important to hold the post cold without cracking. I used a piece of marble but I also made ​​this recipe with thick boards, and a leftover piece of granite countertop with great results. Make use of that you have at hand and we’ll make the meat immediately.

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Making toffee sauce in ten minutes. Recipe


Since the first time I did it, I used to brighten the desserts, spread on crackers and toast, give a homemade ice cream toppings, finally, in a thousand recipes. So I think you have to know how to make toffee sauce in ten minutes because its applications are many.

An intense flavor roasted sugar, a very thick texture and creaminess, are the basic features of this sauce based liquid caramel. Its uses are excellent both when the toffee sauce is warm or hot when cold. Once I made ​​will last a few days in the fridge.

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Mallorcan lamb patties. Easter Recipe


This recipe for lamb patties shutters brings me many memories of my childhood, I have been preparing for my family every Easter since I have memory. It’s unbelievable how it relates to our memory, many times, the food with our childhood.
The pies can be filled in many ingredients, some people will add peas, fish can also be made or, in Mallorca, can be found with the sweet dough pies and savory filling, but for me the best are undoubtedly those who will bring today, with lamb and spicy sausage.

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Morsels of bread with cumin. Recipe with Thermomix


This recipe for bread snacks with me damn excited. It has it all: it is very easy to prepare, even if they have no thermomix can easily knead the ingredients on hand, and it takes no more than half an hour to get it ready completely and it tastes delicious What more could you want?

Once baked snacks that freezing can not go to consume thereby get hold tender. When you want to eat them out with sufficient time for it to thaw, they can also add a touch of oven and will crisp.

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Murcia Easter cakes. Easter Recipe

La Mona de Pascua is one of the most typical of Easter, with a long tradition especially in Mediterranean regions. Depending on the area continues recipes and different ways, but all symbolize the end of the fast of Lent. Tradition says he is the best man who gives his godson the mona in Easter Sunday, and eaten with the family on Easter Monday. The Murcia Easter cakes are decorated with elongated rolls an egg cooked, tender and delicious.

The truth is that in Murcia can be found throughout the year monas in bakeries and sweet shops, and are a very typical snack especially for kids. I remember for instance how the school party before Christmas we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of cute and hot chocolate, but it is at Easter when purchasing real prominence...

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Mussels in escabeche cider vinegar. Recipe