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Helping Children Develop Healthy Habits

Monkey see monkey do. Like it or not, our children are like hawks, watching every move we make looking for direction and examples of what is right and what is wrong. While they may not ask, they are certainly watching what we do and the choices we make everyday. If we engage in physical activity everyday, park away from the store to walk, skip the sweets and grab an apple, they’ll mimic our positive choices as well as our negative ones. How do we establish healthy eating habits and a love of physical activity in our children? A few pointers will go a long way in establishing lifelong habits of healthy lifestyles. If you’ve fallen off the wagon a bit, your children are a great reason to re­establish healthy choices...

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Jazz Up Your Nutrition Level

Too many pounds and too many fad diets are enough to make you roll back under the covers. New Year’s resolutions are rapidly approaching and you’re dreading yet another year of failure. Change it up this year. Commit to having fun with eating. Commit to having fun with exercise. Follow these few tips for a healthy journey towards a more mindful and fit lifestyle. Jazz it up a bit! Remember this formula: 90% of healthy eating and nutrition is mental discipline & 80% of weight loss happens in the kitchen and restaurants & 50% of a healthy body happens through exercise and toning.

Let’s start with exercise. Forget the sweaty gyms with buff 20 somethings. If you’re intimidated before you arrive ­ chances are you won’t enjoy it and will be less apt to stick with it...

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What are the benefits of nutritional supplements?

Do you at times feel fatigue? Or experience physical discomforts affecting your emotions?

Our bodies require food to function. The food contains nutrients that are required for the body to function properly. But, do we get to eat the right foods? The answer is “NO.” Many say that their schedule does not allow for them to sit, plan and eat right foods.

Others say that some of the right foods are expensive. The truth of the matter is, your body requires 6 classes of nutrients, that is, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, water, vitamins, and minerals. How do you achieve all these? It is simple. You can achieve this through a daily intake of vitamin supplements. Thanks to, your body can receive the 6 classes of nutrients...

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Does Online Purchase of Health Supplements Help?

There are many health and weight loss supplements available online. If you search you can even find good deals off line. But online purchase always helps because there are discount offers, promo codes and also you get free home delivery at the door step. The order procedure is simple and many a times an order can be placed merely with a click. Apart from lot many reputed weight loss supplements, one supplement I worth mentioning and that is Garcinia Cambogia. You can buy garcinia cambogia extract online.  This will save good amount of your money. Also, online option is always time saving and energy saving.

Why online sources are always cheap?

The reason why online supplements along with many other online options for diet are cheaper on the internet is that, the over heads are few and on t...

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Skillet Greek salad. Recipe


It seems that the days are being much more spring and soon begin to prepare salads more often, but the warmth while not fully reached, for dinner I love this Greek salad pan halfway between an omelet and a plate vegetarian.

To elaborate, very simple, fresh ingredients equal to those of the classic Greek salad, like tomatoes and black olives, but I’ve also added a range eggs delicious that I had been given. Unlike our omelette will not give back but will gradually taking shape with all the ingredients inside.

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The cook of the President, the film thrilling gastronomic


Last night I had occasion to attend the preview of this movie inspired by the woman who was the cook for a while and even Francois Mitterrande could interview the main character, but the actress who plays Catherine Frot in fiction, but the very Danièle Delpeuch cook with whom I could talk for a little while.

This movie, which hits screens with the title of President of the cook, is EXTRENA today, March 22, and is a thrilling gastronomic film so it is highly recommended for all friends of good food and good movies.

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The power numbers in Spain in 2012. Impact of Crisis


Every year the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, published a report on eating habits in Spain. You can read the full report of 2012 on the ministry’s website, but I found interesting to dedicate a post to comment on that report data because they include interesting information about what we eat, how much we spend on food, etc …

Large numbers are that we spend about 10% of GDP in power, slightly less than in 2011. Now eat more at home and less outside, almost direct consequence of unemployment and I think we bought especially in supermarkets, but curiously for fresh foods, mostly prefer traditional stores. But let’s reel off a little more data.s


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What is a Dutch oven? Types and how to use it properly

For some time this part there is a clear return to the food cooked slowly, although some years ago the queen of our kitchen was the pressure cooker, is now competing for the top spot with heavy pans cook food differently and how did our grandmothers. That is why in many places related to gastronomy are hearing the word “Dutch Oven” for use in our kitchen, and today we will know exactly how to treat and to last for many years.

Dutch ovens are a cylindrical iron pots or unglazed ceramic or with a tight lid and have the particularity to provide and deliver a constant and uniform heat to the food cooked in them, and also can be used in multiple heat sources, whether fire, gas and even withstand very high temperatures like those inside a furnace, which is why almost any food preparation can ...

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World Tour – Culinary Connection, the world tour of the Basque Culinary Center

Yesterday was presented in Madrid the new proposal of the Basque Culinary Center, an ambitious project as gastronomic world tour under the name World Tour-Culinary Connection. In order to take a further step in the promotion of Spanish cuisine, and seeking to establish ties with culinary references worldwide, responsible for this exciting initiative designed to create a great dining community based on cooperation and exchange of experiences.

The Basque Culinary Center was to become the great international reference in terms of culinary training, but also as a place of gastronomic research...

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You give me a steak? Sure, a second that I send to print


Sounds weird, but ask that we print a sirloin can be something that not only belongs to science fiction. It is an issue that has my partner Pakus spoke over a year ago, when we presented the flesh created in lab from stem cells.

The idea is similar Meadows Modern: culturing tissue cells taken from cows or pigs for meat created in a laboratory. Once the tissues reach maturity, given the desired shape with a 3D bioimpresora, that we recognize what we are eating.

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