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Helping Children Develop Healthy Habits

Monkey see monkey do. Like it or not, our children are like hawks, watching every move we make looking for direction and examples of what is right and what is wrong. While they may not ask, they are certainly watching what we do and the choices we make everyday. If we engage in physical activity everyday, park away from the store to walk, skip the sweets and grab an apple, they’ll mimic our positive choices as well as our negative ones. How do we establish healthy eating habits and a love of physical activity in our children? A few pointers will go a long way in establishing lifelong habits of healthy lifestyles. If you’ve fallen off the wagon a bit, your children are a great reason to re­establish healthy choices...

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Jazz Up Your Nutrition Level

Too many pounds and too many fad diets are enough to make you roll back under the covers. New Year’s resolutions are rapidly approaching and you’re dreading yet another year of failure. Change it up this year. Commit to having fun with eating. Commit to having fun with exercise. Follow these few tips for a healthy journey towards a more mindful and fit lifestyle. Jazz it up a bit! Remember this formula: 90% of healthy eating and nutrition is mental discipline & 80% of weight loss happens in the kitchen and restaurants & 50% of a healthy body happens through exercise and toning.

Let’s start with exercise. Forget the sweaty gyms with buff 20 somethings. If you’re intimidated before you arrive ­ chances are you won’t enjoy it and will be less apt to stick with it...

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My little things, kitchen with Ivana. Cookbook


My relationship with cookbooks becomes almost almost sick, luckily it’s a good “disease” and not hurt anyone more than my pocket and the little space I have at home and for this task. My latest acquisition is the book My culinary little things, Ivana kitchen with a friend and fellow blogger.

Normally I am very excited about the books that made ​​fellow bloggers kitchen as far publications coincide with people you follow and which, to a greater or lesser extent, I have respect. In this case with Ivana joins me an admiration for his work, and I have the good fortune to follow a long, almost from the beginning of my personal blog, and share with her project up to 1080 photos of kitchen, so the joy and interest , is twofold.

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Recipe turkey stew with paprika


The estafos and stews are traditionally prepared with beef, but you can also get good results with birds, softer and lighter. The other day I was at the butcher with the intent to take home some simple sliced ​​breasts, but it occurred to me to change plans because the body was yearning for something more comforting than grilled steaks. And with few ingredients prepared this recipe for turkey stew with paprika.

It is a very simple preparation which could add other ingredients to taste, for example some pepper or potatoes, but if used quality products are obtained without anything more delicious dish. That yes, clerks and a good red wine recipe – and your taste buds – will thank you.

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Rob Rhinehart, the man who decided not to eat more but simply nourished


As the famous matador Rafael Gómez Rooster, “People PA to”, but if Rob Rhinehart, the man who decided he was not going to eat more but simply would nurture, it seems a case of extreme I’ve ever heard.

A few days ago, I heard this news through the Twitter account of Alfonso López and since I read it, I have not ceased to dwell on why people do such things. I insist that there are people pa to. I tell the story of this man, a computer programmer, blogger, of Atlanta, in the United States. No waste.

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Watch what you eat, can provoke migraine


If you’re prone to migraines should be careful about what you eat. Especially now that it has been discovered that the causes and how we can avoid them easily and effectively.

A study by the Spanish Society of Deficit DAO and Capio Hospital General de Catalunya, has failed to show the relationship between the deficit of the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO) and migraines, a serious annoyance that affects 12% of the population and in 90% of cases are due to the absence of the said enzyme.

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What is cod skrei?


From mid-February to late March, reaching the skrei our markets, a variety of fresh cod is delicious, but what is cod skrei? How do you cook? What are the characteristics?

This nomadic cod, which is the meaning of the word skrei, migrating from the cold waters of the Barents Sea in Norway to the Lofoten Islands, which is directed to spawn. In these islands is where you did your capture in the cooler months of the year.

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Humorous scenes processed animal food by Vanessa Dualib


Every time I meet more artists who use food for their works either way, and the truth is that lately seems to haunt me given the amount of times I encounter when I browse to any of these cases. This time with a very special touch of humor, I want to show the work of Vanessa Dualib animals doing scenes with very showy fruits and vegetables.

This Brazilian photographer uses for his series of photos, playing with food, fruits and vegetables to join two of his passions, food and photography. Among cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, peppers, limes and other vegetables can find funny faces of walruses, whales, praying mantis, or even dinosaurs.

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Hypnotic moving culinary creations


A few months ago my partner brought a curious minue video where we could see a move that paid tribute cake in the world of Tim Burton. Today I’m the one who wants to share other creations of the author, Alexandre Dubosc, with a new video that replays to create animations that are almost hypnotic culinary.

Dubosc is a video artist who uses techniques based on the stroboscopic effect, the optical effect that gives the illusion of movement to rotate an object quickly and constantly. As the author says, his works are a tribute to animation devices prior to the birth of cinema, as the zoetrope or praxinoscope, and does so with culinary recreations.

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Is your pantry ready for the end of the world?


Pity me not found this interesting infographic from National Geographic to publish shortly before the finalization of the Mayan calendar, but I think everyone will seem equally curious to know if your pantry is ready for the end of the world.

Well, it is more likely that the answer is no, because the amount of food and water they need to survive for at least one year requires a lot of space. For example, it takes 750 liters of water, about 200 kilos of rice and pasta, legumes 40 of … well, nothing we can save our dwindling kitchens.

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