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Helping Children Develop Healthy Habits

Monkey see monkey do. Like it or not, our children are like hawks, watching every move we make looking for direction and examples of what is right and what is wrong. While they may not ask, they are certainly watching what we do and the choices we make everyday. If we engage in physical activity everyday, park away from the store to walk, skip the sweets and grab an apple, they’ll mimic our positive choices as well as our negative ones. How do we establish healthy eating habits and a love of physical activity in our children? A few pointers will go a long way in establishing lifelong habits of healthy lifestyles. If you’ve fallen off the wagon a bit, your children are a great reason to re­establish healthy choices...

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Jazz Up Your Nutrition Level

Too many pounds and too many fad diets are enough to make you roll back under the covers. New Year’s resolutions are rapidly approaching and you’re dreading yet another year of failure. Change it up this year. Commit to having fun with eating. Commit to having fun with exercise. Follow these few tips for a healthy journey towards a more mindful and fit lifestyle. Jazz it up a bit! Remember this formula: 90% of healthy eating and nutrition is mental discipline & 80% of weight loss happens in the kitchen and restaurants & 50% of a healthy body happens through exercise and toning.

Let’s start with exercise. Forget the sweaty gyms with buff 20 somethings. If you’re intimidated before you arrive ­ chances are you won’t enjoy it and will be less apt to stick with it...

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Ramen Dreams, passion of a Japanese cook this dish in a short

The phrase that best sums up the video I bring you today is, without doubt, “I love ramen.” And is that the protagonist of this film is passionate about this typical Japanese dish, to the point that it has become the center of his life. When director Michael McAteer met the chef Keizo Shimamoto was trapped by his enthusiasm, and so did the idea of making a short film together Ramen Dreams, “dreams of ramen.”

The ramen is a hugely popular dish in Japan, which is slowly gaining ground outside its borders. It is basically a bowl of noodle soup with Chinese origin, but the varieties that can be found are almost endless, depending on the broth and the ingredients are added...

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Pastel salty tuna and rice with feta cheese. Recipe


Today a salty cake tuna and rice with feta cheese, use a real recipe, because who does not once has left some white rice? To me of course many times, and I also usually get the typical amount not given to re-take it all home again, but enough to get rid of him grief.

This is an oven dish with a Mediterranean flavor, dried tomatoes, zucchini and basil tuna accompanied, form a set halfway between a cake and a vegetable omelet. For this amount I recommend square pan about eight inches in length, and is easy to cut rations for carrying dried tomatoes inside part a bit erratically.

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Suesslicht, sugar lamp


It seems to be fashionable to make lamps with all kinds of food. Suesslicht sugar is a lamp, but we have seen previously lamps chocolate, gummy bears and edible gelatine. Come on, we could light up the whole house with them.

Extremely descriptive name (in German süß is sweet and light Licht), this lamp designed by the Voxel is a perfect example of interdisciplinary work, and in order to do that they had to resort to the knowledge of several experts sugar, and how some foods have many more possibilities than you think.

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Spain reaches new Grimbergen Blanche. The history and walk tasted

For several years, my family moved to Brussels, one of the most breweries in the world. There I discovered many kinds of beer. So was 1995 and every time I was returning to Spain with a fairly boring in terms of variety of flavors (although I’ve always known to adapt to changes and I love our native brands).

Much has changed the landscape, and leads Grimbergen years in our country and the beer market in Spain is more mature. But still had to get the delicious Blanche, the specialty that I always ask when traveling to Belgium. My favorite. So I approached her presentation with a special illusion (even with a taste of nostalgia). Even more so when I learned that the monks came from the Abbey of Grimbergen where beer is made...

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Recipe asparagus and truffle omelette


Now that the warm weather arrives and the days are longer, the tortillas back to my kitchen more often because they are very practical to carry as a snack or in Tuper, and the mountain outings are perfect for transporting. As the studs are now in season, I used to make this recipe for asparagus and truffle omelette is death.
As you can imagine I can not afford to purchase good truffle, so this time I used the “false” truffle that is much cheaper, and while the taste has nothing to do, gives a little hit and adds a unique flavor I like a lot for tortillas, and rice.

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The anatomy of an original ice cream infographics


In Live to Palate team are very fond of culinary infographics, and I personally love the mix of art, design and gastronomy when done with talent and creativity. If some time ago we saw the graphic analysis of a cupcake, today I bring you another work by the same authors, the anatomy of an original ice cream in computer graphics.

The idea is the same as its first project, a poster that are separated and sorted the various ingredients of the ice cream, which occupies the center of the composition. All are real products that have been distributed on a large sheet of paper on which are drawn the lines connecting to finally shoot the final set.

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The Lenten cod Carme Ruscalleda


One of the papers that was more successful in the last edition of the Forum Gastronomic Girona 2013 Carme Ruscalleda who performed with his son Raul Balam and Head Chef of the restaurant in Japan, Jerome Quilbeuf. In it, as well as explain the trends of its restaurants in Sant Pol de Mar and Tokyo, Carme Ruscalleda presented his prescription cod Lent.

The great cook provoked a standing ovation in the Forum Auditorium just go on stage, and that his was the first presentation of the day. With his usual energy and his word, simply follow the presentation was a real pleasure for all attendees.

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Tips for eating healthily snack


Who has ever eaten sandwich? The truth is that the rush or laziness are the most common reasons for resorting to sandwich and end up even more now that for economic reasons many people who previously took the dish of the day at work, he carried his own food prepared.

Perhaps at first glance may underestimate the option of eating sandwich, the truth is that it is not the best choice for every day, but well-crafted and balanced and accompanied by other foods as we shall see, a sandwich can be likened to a meal nutritionally Classic but psychologically printing we have not eaten properly.

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