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Making meat in the oven stone house


There are many ways to cook the meat but one of the most appreciated is the roast to the stone. Generally this type of cooking is more typical of professional ovens and grills, but with a little imagination, we can do in our home. So I hope you please learn how to make meat in the oven stone house.

The stone to be used may be any that resist high temperatures for a long time and it is also important to hold the post cold without cracking. I used a piece of marble but I also made ​​this recipe with thick boards, and a leftover piece of granite countertop with great results. Make use of that you have at hand and we’ll make the meat immediately.

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The tradition of Easter chocolate bunny and an approach to why often hollow


Having family Murcia half and the other half Swiss, at my house we always have our particular blend of traditions of both cultures, and Easter would expect. As a child what interested me was the sweet section of the holidays, and is in addition to the monkeys and homemade toast always had themed candies and chocolates. Today already chocolate Easter bunnies everywhere, but where does your tradition, and why are often hollow?

The truth is that analyzing the situation from the perspective of the Spanish Holy Week, the chocolate bunny does not seem to make much sense. But this trend did not emerge suddenly but responds to a series of circumstances that have evolved over time, but now seems reduced to consumerism.

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Weekly Menu 25 to March 31


Well, March has come to an end. It’s been a busy month, at least in Valencia, where faults have been followed by Easter, but that’s not us at all out of the kitchen, and as always, we have a weekly menu that take your breath away.

As an appetizer, I can not resist these delicious mussels in cider vinegar marinade, but if we start preparing for the summer, it’s best to start the menu with a salad of tomato and tuna served in tulip corn that I have offered commercial space Ensaladíssimas Isabel, where you will find many more.

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How to toast red wine. Easter Recipe


Another variety of French toast is done at home with the toast of wine, a classic Easter could only take the older children and they would not let us eat. In this case I have made ​​with Pedro Ximénez but it is traditional to make the house red wine, the only difference is that the tone of the toast will vary slightly.

If you use normal wine, ajustad the amount of sugar that are not overly sweet nor bland, and of course as I told you in the toast with cream, if instead of bread for toast, bread you use, you must leave them more time soaked in wine, so that the crumb and crust soften enough.

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6th Prize Presentation Vila Viniteca tasting by couples in the restaurant of Sergi Arola


On the occasion of the sixth edition of the Prix Vila Viniteca tasting pairs, there was a dinner presentation of the competition in the Sergi Arola restaurant in Madrid, who offered his tasting menu attendees.

This peculiar contest, is endowed with economically valuable prizes that have made the capacity of participants was completed in January. The winning team receives the amount of 20,000 euros, the prize for the second pair classified 7,000 euros and 3,000 euros for the third-placed.

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Bedroom decoration for children

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