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Now is the Salon de Gourmets 2013


The succession of events and conferences around the food, keeps entretendidos professionals and amateurs throughout the year. So, now it is the turn, once again to a new event in Madrid. Now is the Salon de Gourmets 2013, like every year that promises a good deal of new products, Idesa and all kinds of articles about the pleasure of good food.

During the 8th to April 11th, will be the twenty-seventh edition of this event in which many activities are scheduled dining. The Wine Tunnel, ham cutters Contests openers and oysters, tuna or ronqueo of activities around the world of coffee are just some of the many possibilities offered by the Chamber.

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Piquillo peppers stuffed with cod. Easter Recipe


Piquillo peppers are very versatile when preparing recipes with them and one of the most common ways is to have them filled. In this case and making Easter I wanted to make the piquillo peppers stuffed with cod, which are very appropriate.

This recipe freezes well, so you can make a few days before or do much, as I do and so I have resolved food for another day. Normally divided the work into two parts, one day I make the sauce and the next day I finish the prescription and not as heavy as it is a bit long and you might take some time.

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Skrei cod loin confit. Easter Recipe


One of the things I like most is cod confit doing so because in a few minutes we get a great texture. So I wanted to make this recipe Skrei cod loin confit, this time with a side of dried porcini.

For dinner at this time when the season is skrei cod, is a pleasure to enjoy smooth white flesh, their chips are separated and melt in your mouth and its intense sea flavor. And all in less than 20 minutes.

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The purple carrot, a root that is retrieved from oblivion

On my trip to Rhone-Alpes could meet one Italian blogger who told me on several occasions about the carrot roots are and how much they liked them in salads and creams, roots that seem to have a very beneficial effect on the health and are becoming increasingly fashionable. She assured me that there are many colors and many different flavors to the dishes that bring interesting nuances.

In my desconocimento I started researching the varieties within reach of my hand and thanks to another friend, Caty Pol, Mallorca had discovered that one of these roots so fashionable. Today I want to talk particularly the purple carrot or safàrnaria a root that was formerly used in Mallorca and was forgotten and re repuerar.

The taste of safàrnaria is almost equal to the orange carrot but we could say t...

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Torrijas cream. Easter Recipe


As I said yesterday Easter desserts I think of the best we have in our food, and if not to show the toast. Something so simple and so rich that also serves harness apparatus remains of bread. In this case I would love to teach a variant of the classic milk, which are the toast of cream.

If you did not never want to happen this year that elaboréis, because it’s worth a little more work and enhance this dessert so typical adding a good custard. You can make the cream ahead and toast at the last moment, will not be a long process if disponéis not much time in the kitchen.

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Goat cheese pies and quince. Recipe


I love dumplings, and the truth is that over the years I have used the wafers in many different dishes. This time I went to something simpler, since this recipe for goat cheese pies and quince is prepared in a jiffy in the oven.

In these days when there are more people at home and were struggling to find the time for almost everything, come in handy. It is also a very versatile dish that can be eaten these dumplings both cold and hot, and act as a perfect appetizer, snack or as a snack.

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Christel Assante makes beautiful carvings on eggshells


Although this is a custom that is not among our traditions, it is undeniable, for the time of year in which we find ourselves, it is fashionable to decorate Easter eggs. So it seemed so appropriate to bring you to this French artist named Christel Assante performing beautiful carvings on eggshells with incredible skill.

To make such prodigious sculptures using only knives, vinegar and a mini drill with a diamond-coated drill, although I would add to all this a huge dose of patience because of the fragility of the material used to sculpt. And, although it seems extraordinary seeing the beauty of their carvings, Assante is entirely self-taught and has not received any artistic training.

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Pastel de pollo (Chicken feet)