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Recipe of round roast with ginger and mustard


the redondo veal meat is a piece that is located on the outer face of the rear leg, over the counter and in contact with the cover. Has a cylindrical shape and has no nerve sight. It has very little fat and is perfect for barbecues. Today we present you with a ginger and mustard marinade.

These pieces are usually large and relatively inexpensive. As we are both home, I usually cut it in half so I can make two different preparations. The good thing is that creel round very well and is great to take to work in some kind of lunchbox or even to make sandwiches. The prepare with mustard and ginger flavor this brings much meat lean.

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The world map made from used cooking pads


With daily use, all we are spoiling the kitchen scourers. Whether simple sponges, whether or not or not salvauñas and include abrasive surfaces better for removing grease, makes use from time to time have to be renewed. But what I did not realize is that someone would make a map of the world with their used cooking pads.

This is the case of Jeffrey Allen, who has spent doing odd compositions with kitchen sponges cut, forming with different colors and materials divisions of classical political maps of geography.

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Torrijas cream. Easter Recipe


As I said yesterday Easter desserts I think of the best we have in our food, and if not to show the toast. Something so simple and so rich that also serves harness apparatus remains of bread. In this case I would love to teach a variant of the classic milk, which are the toast of cream.

If you did not never want to happen this year that elaboréis, because it’s worth a little more work and enhance this dessert so typical adding a good custard. You can make the cream ahead and toast at the last moment, will not be a long process if disponéis not much time in the kitchen.

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Guiso Murcia wheat and chickpeas. Easter Recipe


The stews are a special chapter in our cuisine. They are traditional recipes that have evolved over time by region and each family, but always maintain a significant social and cultural component. I love meeting stews and soups from every corner of Spain, but without forgetting the traditional dishes of my homeland. So, this stew Murcia wheat and chickpeas is typical of Lent and Easter.

This is a recipe for the most comforting and nutritious, we can find many variations depending on the area and the customs of each family, adding more or less vegetables. The key ingredients are chickpeas and wheat can also add a handful of white beans. In any case, pulses and wheat should be left to soak separately last night.

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Eat a piece of art every morning on toast with Ida Skivenes


The artists and food is becoming a more prevalent. I do not know if that had not fixed me too or is that now I do it in more detail I find such curiosities almost daily. The last artist of this kind with which I have found is Ida Skivenes with which you can eat a piece of art every morning on toast.

This Norwegian girl uses social networks, in this case Instagran, as does Red which I spoke recently with a similar project to publicize his work on toast. We can find in your account every day one or more performances of great works of Dali and Van Gogh, as well as story or characters from cartoons, reflected on a slice of toast.

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Best Recipes Easter Live to Palate

Easter is here, with its culinary traditions, his fasting, his abstinence, his cute, your toast, your cod … well, you get the idea. We will provide our granite sand with the best recipes Easter Live to Palate.

This year we are leaning more than ever the fire and have a spectacular selection of recipes, with endless choices both sweet and savory, traditional and unconventional. Something for everyone, come on.

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