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Murcia Easter cakes. Easter Recipe

La Mona de Pascua is one of the most typical of Easter, with a long tradition especially in Mediterranean regions. Depending on the area continues recipes and different ways, but all symbolize the end of the fast of Lent. Tradition says he is the best man who gives his godson the mona in Easter Sunday, and eaten with the family on Easter Monday. The Murcia Easter cakes are decorated with elongated rolls an egg cooked, tender and delicious.

The truth is that in Murcia can be found throughout the year monas in bakeries and sweet shops, and are a very typical snack especially for kids. I remember for instance how the school party before Christmas we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of cute and hot chocolate, but it is at Easter when purchasing real prominence...

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Ready to toast bread. Easter Recipe


It’s here and as Easter is time to eat toast but today we will not do this because the recipe and you can find Live to Palate. We go a step back and let’s see how they make bread for toast, lest you craving right in between Sunday and no day-old bread.

Des then toast recipe exploitation are star of Spanish cuisine but with everything we read and see about how bread is made this country and abuse of bread improver eat bread makes very cheap but low quality I think it’s worth making your own bread for toast and so do not play it.

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Pastel salty tuna and rice with feta cheese. Recipe


Today a salty cake tuna and rice with feta cheese, use a real recipe, because who does not once has left some white rice? To me of course many times, and I also usually get the typical amount not given to re-take it all home again, but enough to get rid of him grief.

This is an oven dish with a Mediterranean flavor, dried tomatoes, zucchini and basil tuna accompanied, form a set halfway between a cake and a vegetable omelet. For this amount I recommend square pan about eight inches in length, and is easy to cut rations for carrying dried tomatoes inside part a bit erratically.

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Stuffed Tomatoes Baked couscous. Recipe


The best times to enjoy the tomato is summer, but I’ve been lucky enough to get a good load of this delicious vegetable thanks to a recent visit to my father. I love tomatoes taste good raw, but sometimes I forget that they also can get much juice cooking with them. These tomatoes stuffed with couscous is cooked in the oven, which enhances its rich flavor.

It’s a very versatile recipe that can be adapted to the pantry and tastes of each. The harissa adds a spicy, you can omit or substitute another spice mix, and instead of couscous or quinoa rice could be used. Although personally I think the soft texture of couscous grain is ideal for filling fine tomatoes.

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Tips for getting nutritious and safe tupper


Whether your child goes to school or if you spend long hours at work and you need to prepare meals for eating out, today we help you with some tips on getting a tupperware nutritious and safe, that allows you to eat at home, but beyond.

Bring to the office or tupperware to school does not mean eating the same thing or give thousands of laps at the same sandwich, because there are many preparations that can help us achieve a nutritious and safe tupper part of a healthy diet.

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Would you like haute cuisine dinner in a movie?


The idea of ​​eating in a cinema, not exactly to my liking. However, a chain of movie theaters in New York started offering gourmet dinner in their rooms. At the news, I wonder if I would attend one of these dinners haute cuisine in a film.

When I go to a screening room, I like to enjoy the movie and do not want to miss a small part of the interpretation distracted by the sounds of drums sized popcorn and soda impossible. So give me some creepy hear news like this.

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Financiers with lemon curd. Recipe


The financiers are some cupcakes of French origin that is usually made ​​with ground almonds and almost no wheat flour. In this case I opted for preparing some financiers with lemon curd, lemon cream and I love that you can easily do at home either in the microwave, in a food processor as Jose Maria taught us or a scoop to classic.

I in this case and because of the small amount needed to give a touch of lemon I opted to buy a jar of lemon curd preserved, as it had no plans to prepare any sweet with him these days, and I knew I would be superfluous. Once opened must remember to keep cold and its duration is always less than that of a jam.

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Coconut meringue pie. Recipe


This week we have put Live to Palate sweet tooth and I have offered several recipes of delicious desserts, all appropriate to end any meal with a flourish. Today I propose this recipe for coconut meringue pie, that you secure will delight your guests.

As I usually have a stock of frozen clear, I always look for recipes that help them out. When I saw this cake with which he could use ten of those clear I did not think twice. Yes, the coconut is an ingredient that does not please everyone, but if you have no problems with it I encourage you to prepare this delicious recipe. Will succeed.

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Sepia royal steamed zucchini and carrot air

Begin developing the royal zucchini, wash it well to courgettes and cut into slices. Put the slices in a pan of boiling water and salt. Boil about 20 minutes until cooked through but without ever undone.

We took them out of the pan and drain it using a colander, mashing with a fork to release the excess zucchini cooking water. We put it in the bowl of the mixer and beat the zucchini without water to make a puree.

Now add the eggs, cream, salt and pepper, continue beating until creamy smooth. Preheat oven to 180 º C. We take the butter and greased a few ramekins, put a pot of water to boil. Now we take molds elongated type “Cake” or similar and put the custard inside, fill the ramekins halfway with cream of zucchini.

When the water in the pot to a boil, remove from heat and using a jug po...

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