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Making toffee sauce in ten minutes. Recipe


Since the first time I did it, I used to brighten the desserts, spread on crackers and toast, give a homemade ice cream toppings, finally, in a thousand recipes. So I think you have to know how to make toffee sauce in ten minutes because its applications are many.

An intense flavor roasted sugar, a very thick texture and creaminess, are the basic features of this sauce based liquid caramel. Its uses are excellent both when the toffee sauce is warm or hot when cold. Once I made ​​will last a few days in the fridge.

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Portobello Mushroom cream with caramelized bacon. Recipe


Though it seems that gradually begins to get the spring still want something warm first, that’s why I’m preparing my house this Portobello mushroom cream with caramelized bacon. Recipe depending on how you serve it, can be an ideal appetizer to start a meal or a strong starter.

Portobello mushrooms with their color and flavor bring a different touch to the classic cream of mushroom and I advise you not let pass the caramelized bacon kebabs because the contrast with the cream is delicious.

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Torrijas salted caramel glazed. Easter Recipe


I think this will be the last to publish pancake recipe for Easter because being the third version I think that’s enough for this year, and you’d better close the quota with these salted caramel glazed toast before I cast ye pests. They are very rich indeed, but very caloric, so be careful with this recipe.

Of course it is not suitable for people who can not take sugar as you can see, but not for those that do not attract sweetish taste because, while not cloying, they are sweeter than any normal or classic french toast we can do .

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Easter Bunnies kaleidoscopic La Grande Epicerie de Paris


Easter Rabbits have seen a few in the days prior to Easter, we have known its tradition and to have learned to fold napkins with their form, but surely you had never seen rabbits as Easter kaleidoscopic La Grande Epicerie de Paris.

No doubt some rabbits are very unique as they move away from the usual to adopt a rounded silhouette formed by countless faces and edges, but still be an adorable bunny, that’s what it is. In the video below you can see how they have done.

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Flocons de sel. Restaurant


On my last trip to Rhone Alps had the honor of meeting Flocons de Sel restaurant, run by Emmanuel Reanut named best chef in France in 2012.

Flocons de sel, restaurant three Michelin stars, is located on the outskirts of Megeve, French town at the foot of Mont Blanc, known for hosting holiday Rotchchild part of the family. It is a charming place that will delight all who you please skiing and all winter sports.

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A game of dirty breakfast? Reiko Kaneko surprises us again


If I showed Valentine a romantic cups of this Japanese designer, now I am surprised with a dirty breakfast set with painted chorretones drinks, falling edges as if they had been used.

Reiko Kaneko course, settling in England designed pieces of kitchenware for the kitchen table and they are besides extremely nice, very original. If you travel a little online store you will see that there are collections of all but one of the new features that I liked this certainly was.

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Valentine Ideas 2013, dinner for two or more … with foodinthebox by 15.95 euros

A cenita romantic candles for two can become an intimate and whatever comes … A good plan for Valentine so cheap (low cost) and a dinner to begin conquering the palate. Just think of this recipe or excites you, then you can decorate the table to your liking, no need to order a confetti cannon, something simple but with those signals reaching the heart. Italian food can be a good option, but if your partner prefers a good Basque hake or shredded beef, as well. Finally, it shows that you know your tastes and know how to satisfy. No need to go to a restaurant with Michelin stars where the waiters constantly crowd in explaining the dishes and breaking any kind of climax, in addition to your current account completely. The most important thing is not the dish, is to enjoy together.

Now the box...

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Cod with cream