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Orange juice toast. Easter Recipe


Although all look delicious toast me, there are some that seem sublime. Such is the case of orange juice torrijas having a slightly different flavor to the most common, as they are delicate and smooth.
This variety can also be made with the juice of other citrus fruits like grapefruit, tangerines or eg with blood orange also give their particular color. But this time when oranges are still delicious, I usually do with the orange juice.

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Prohibition Kit, homemade distillery objects hidden in kitchen


The development of all types of products at home is becoming increasingly fashionable, and this is reflected in the proposals of designers and trademarks, with the appearance on the market of accessories to make preserves, yogurt, cheese, or even beer. In this lies Prohibition Kit, but taking a step further. This is an original set of kitchen items that camouflage a rig home distillers.

Its name refers to the prohibition in most countries to distill alcohol without a license, although many allow home distilling for personal consumption. The autorjuega with the idea of presenting his kit illegal in several separate parts that act as common kitchen utensils, a pan or a bowl. USA all objects form a perfectly functional distillation apparatus.

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Sympathetic action game as Easter chicks


Just check catalogs stores could know perfectly what time of year we find, as there is no holiday that resists the marketing of all types of products. With the arrival of Easter and spring seems to come an invasion of bunnies, chicks, eggs and flowers of all shapes and colors. The theme fits with varying degrees of success depending on the object, and sometimes we find things like this so cute action game shaped chicks for Easter.

It consists of a base that resembles a white prismatic eggshell, which houses four measuring spoons shaped yellow chicks. Is a set of measures of volume adapted to that system usually use the American recipes, each chick one of the standard sizes of scoops (tablespoon and teaspoon) while the base serves for cups (cups).

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How often do you go out to eat out? The question of the week


A few years ago, when economists were painting the world pink, get a table at any restaurant halfway decent was until an odyssey, people seemed never cook at home. Now things have changed a lot, but I still think a lot of people who often eat out, so this week we ask:

How often do you go out to eat out?

I have no idea what is usual, when I was little, my family was very exceptional, birthdays and such, although it is more common now, would not that usual, so I’d love to know your habits and opinions. You can leave your comments on Live to Palate Answers.

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When opting for different woods

ith respect to home decoration, wooden furniture are always a good choice. But the truth is that often just because they believe that wood, the fact of combining different types of wood fits. Well this is not so.

The truth is that mix many different types of wood are acceptable in very exceptional cases such as, heirloom furniture, flooring from another era, very unique pieces … But so it goes. Two tones, one lighter and one darker for floor and doors is not bad, but you can not overdo this, you really will not like the final work.

The truth is that the wood furniture are great in just measure, do not abuse them, especially when they are of different colors and materials.

You can give a little more light into your house betting lacquered white wood tones you have and not too combined part...

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Two colorful ideas for a room

We all know that strong and bright colors are very popular for several seasons, but incorporate them into our home is not as simple a task as it seems. If you are thinking of renovating your room, today we bring you two colorful ideas. Just keep reading.


Matiza intensity fronts fuchsia pink that also help to enhance the light wood furniture. On the wall that faces the bed, placed a full-length mirror. To add a delicate touch of romance, nothing loud, they used a decorative flower sticker.

As fabrics, raw tones Select them and adds strokes intense strawberry repeat the same walls. Combine strawberry tone walls with plain fabrics in beige tones or toast to secure a peaceful outcome.

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The meaning of colors for your home

The colors you use to decorate your home, especially in the interior, are too important and believe it or not. Places and companies like McDonald’s use colors like yellow and red because they induce the brain to feel like eating, what is good for profit.

The same goes for the rooms of your house, every color you use will give you a feeling and make you feel comfortable or not. So it’s important to not only consider what colors you like, but what color should be used depending on the effect you want cause.

Blue: is a color to calm down, to relax. Use it if you want to believe a totally zen, and also does well in bedrooms and bathrooms.
Green: with this color feel you have nature nearby is good for rooms of all types and even for children. If it is a dark green used for energy.
Red: bright,...

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Indoor Color Scheme