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Howard Moskowitz and history of the “point of happiness (addiction)” in food


The first job I had after graduating from Howard Moskowitz Harvard was a challenge. I had to get the U.S. troops were able to feed properly through what is known as the MRE, Meals acronym Ready-to-Eat. These MREs are few food packets carrying soldiers during their operations. The problem I had was the army that the soldiers did not seem to like it much, and therefore stopped eating enough calories to meet their missions.

And that’s where Moskowitz came into play, and what eventually end up fatter directly the income statements of several companies and, incidentally, to millions of people worldwide.

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Morsels of bread with cumin. Recipe with Thermomix


This recipe for bread snacks with me damn excited. It has it all: it is very easy to prepare, even if they have no thermomix can easily knead the ingredients on hand, and it takes no more than half an hour to get it ready completely and it tastes delicious What more could you want?

Once baked snacks that freezing can not go to consume thereby get hold tender. When you want to eat them out with sufficient time for it to thaw, they can also add a touch of oven and will crisp.

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Peanut butter cookies and chocolate. Recipe


For breakfast if you prefer the sweet that make you better than yourself something homemade, either a cake or some cookies, how are you peanut butter and chocolate chips. Even for that you run, after a good race to recover nothing better than one of these cookies.

These cookies are very crispy as I like and taste of peanut butter is very dim, so although I do not particularly like the taste, I recommend that one a try. And if not, then you can always replace it with regular butter and add the amount.

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Recipe fillets coated in sauce


I’m not much of meat and usually when I take white meat like chicken, rabbit or turkey. Ever take red meat, so eating a little of everything and this recipe for breaded fillets in sauce is one of the ways I like to put it, since it seems that so much is not choking me.

It is appropriate to ask your trusted butcher steaks that are tender batter. I especially like the cover or stifle and if you say that you cut them for breading, of an average thickness, will be beautiful to the eye as well.

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Roasted eggplant and mozzarella. Recipe


This roasted eggplant and mozzarella is a delicious mix between alla Parmigiana Melanzane taught us a while my partner Esther, and eggplant with tomato cheese and my mother made ​​me a child, it is a perfect way for children to enjoy with this vegetable.

It is also a very easy recipe to prepare, especially if you use tomato sauce-pot and not get dirty almost anything in the kitchen, which together with its flavor makes soon to become one of those recipes that you always have to header you out of trouble.

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The Elvis Presley’s favorite cake. Recipe


Really do not know if this was the Elvis Presley’s favorite cake, but once held the recipe and tasted, of course I’m sure that would be among his favorites. The recipe I found in Saveur website that talks about this Pound Cake as the favorite of the King of Rock.

According to this publication, the favorite recipe of Elvis was his childhood friend Janelle McComb facilitated their recipe in 1987 on the tenth anniversary of the singer’s death. Every year, I baked two cakes and took them to Graceland for Elvis eat them at Christmas. Would you like to see as was the recipe?

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Tips for getting perfect mashed potatoes


The potato is a perfect accompaniment to meat and fish, tend to like everyone, and usually is always present in all pantries. And there’s nothing more comforting and delicious than a good homemade mashed potatoes as a side dish, but not always get the results we want and one time or another we’ve gotten has been a dry and crumbly dough unappetizing.

And is that the perfect mashed potatoes is not as easy to get, not about to take a cook in a pot potato pieces without more, we must take into account a number of simple steps to not fail, and when probeis home and creamy and never will go back to use commercial preparations. That is why today I bring you the keys to the perfect mashed potatoes.

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Escola de l’arròs. Learning to cook rice as well as in Valencia

Yet despite falling into the “topicazo” is inevitably think of the Valencia and imagine a large paella rice cooked perfectly. And me, I have to confess I find it difficult to find the point to the paella, I love to learn from the hands of an expert as to achieve perfect rice.

That’s why I found the ingenious fantastic idea that has been the Council of the Designation of Origin “Arroz de Valencia” which since January has created the Escola de l’arròs, a project to both the culture approach as to the preparation of this ancient cereal. Trying to not only be known, it already is, but growing interest in Valencian cuisine and its main raw material, rice. But mostly form, not only professionals but also to individuals, to improve cuisine with this product.

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Britain is about to discover the Canary bananas