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Mallorcan lamb patties. Easter Recipe


This recipe for lamb patties shutters brings me many memories of my childhood, I have been preparing for my family every Easter since I have memory. It’s unbelievable how it relates to our memory, many times, the food with our childhood.
The pies can be filled in many ingredients, some people will add peas, fish can also be made or, in Mallorca, can be found with the sweet dough pies and savory filling, but for me the best are undoubtedly those who will bring today, with lamb and spicy sausage.

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Orange and cream gratin. Recipe


Many times we endeavor to make complicated desserts, and it turns out only to take her hand and we have a great fruit bowl solution like this orange and cream gratin to successfully overcome the auction of a meal, and so we use that many seasonal fruits laziness sometimes we just finished.

This dessert takes winter or hot tempered so it can perform almost without notice and without prior warning when we have to put something sweet. In fifteen minutes we present this gratin limited to only need one ramekins or molds tarts not too high, but even if we do not have them we can prepare it in a large round pan of about nine inches in diameter.

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Recipe of the Villaroy olives


Prepare this recipe immediately going to succeed with it all all. These olives to Villaroy are delightful and will allow you to surprise family and guests in the next appetizer that organicéis.

Remember that for this preparation is essential to use pitted olives to prevent accidents, but made ​​that caveat, you can use black olives, green stuffed with anchovies, pepper or any variety that is to your liking. In a little while, you will have a snack ready unforgettable.

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This Easter, fold your napkins shaped Easter Bunny


I always liked the origami. There was even a time when I got stronger and could do from whale ships from Star Wars. Now I have a bit left, but not enough to not fold my napkins shaped Easter Bunny during Easter.

It is a simple and attractive fold the napkins, too perfect to have the smallest house just entertained while preparing food. This form of folding the’ve learned from my friend and colleague Rachel Decoesfera our brother blog.

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Delicious cup of cheese and yogurt for my son’s birthday. Recipe


I want to share with you this delicious cup of cheese and yogurt that I made for my son’s birthday, which we celebrated at home a few days ago. My intention was to make a fresh dessert that was quick to prepare and after seeing what was in the fridge, I set to work.

With two yogurts and some cheese I had left to prepare goat cheese pies and quince, and other things, I could prepare a drink elegant and colorful, which of course, had an excellent flavor. The only bad thing is that the cups are not fastened to the birthday candles.

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Braised beef with onion in vinaigrette. Recipe


As my mother found out that I have prepared this beef stew with onions in vinaigrette, I will give up on collejas ID. The times have I forsaken small when appeared a stew on the table, and taste that I have now caught.

It took me a few years, but finally stews are part of my eating habits, especially the quick and easy recipe for baked, but this stew is also for dipping bread, literally.

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Catalan cream. Recipe with Thermomix


Catalan cream is a typical dessert in the cuisine of that community and is a kind of custard to which is added a small amount of sugar who burns to bring a touch crispy on the surface. Now is usually taken throughout the year when we feel like it, but was formerly considered a dessert party and tasted especially the day of San José.

Today I bring you a recipe to prepare to teach me my thermomix Joana Mesegué presenter and leaving delicious, although not disponéis this device can also be done with the same proportions in a saucepan or double boiler over low heat making sure that no court. The truth is that in all such Thermomix studded becomes very easily and without problem, that’s why when I make custard creams and almost always I prefer them to the robot.

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Wooden Bottle Galletitas_________ *

That is decorative in our kitchen have all ordered food in jars. Cookies are a food that can be stored easily in a jar, so today we will show you how to make a very nice one.

The materials we use are:


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Spanish Tortilla “land and sea”

– Peel the potatoes and cut into thin slices and put them to fry in not too much oil, how’s that for not too much oil? for if the potatoes will fill the top of the pan, put oil in it to cover just under half the height, will suffice, because the potatoes put the oil and when it begins to boil, bubbles and potatoes and reaches above. Also spinning and going up, go down. Also we will cover the pan and the steam generated frying, also cooked before.
– Sprinkle a pinch of salt, ie very poquita, remember that once the tortilla, we will decorate with anchovies and they already have a lot of salt. Let cook potatoes over medium low heat, I like the potato omelet that is squishy, if you like more crunch, hasten heat slightly.
– If you like the tortilla with onions, it’s time to add a piece...

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Artichokes stuffed with goat cheese and walnuts with mirror black olive

Peel and carve the artichokes leaving the heart with stem. Boil steam for 20 minutes.

As we remove the skin of the goat cheese and crumble the cheese into a bowl along with walnuts.

Fill artichokes carefully and wrap in a slice of prosciutto. We baked 15 minutes at 200C º. covered with parchment paper.

Grind olives with oil.

assemble the dish, with a thin layer of black olive oil and carefully place the artichokes.

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