Jazz Up Your Nutrition Level

Too many pounds and too many fad diets are enough to make you roll back under the covers. New Year’s resolutions are rapidly approaching and you’re dreading yet another year of failure. Change it up this year. Commit to having fun with eating. Commit to having fun with exercise. Follow these few tips for a healthy journey towards a more mindful and fit lifestyle. Jazz it up a bit! Remember this formula: 90% of healthy eating and nutrition is mental discipline & 80% of weight loss happens in the kitchen and restaurants & 50% of a healthy body happens through exercise and toning.

Let’s start with exercise. Forget the sweaty gyms with buff 20 somethings. If you’re intimidated before you arrive ­ chances are you won’t enjoy it and will be less apt to stick with it. Enjoy riding your bike, dancing, hikes in the woods, gardening or even a game of tennis? Each of these are forms of exercise. The key to success is committing to spending at least 30 minutes every day moving and breaking a sweat. Get your heart rate up, push yourself, and don’t forget the added calorie burn of laughing and smiling!

Energy & fuel. You’ve heard it before, we are what we eat. Start to think of your body as a shrine and be very mindful of what you consume. Need a treat after a week of healthy eating choices? Try a healthy yogurt bar, but skip the sweet syrup and nuts. Yogurt is much more refreshing than ice cream and substantially less fattening. You’ll thank yourself the next day when you’re not experiencing that post ice cream bloat we all know so well. Plan in advance your choices for dinner and lunch. Start your day out string with a healthy breakfast even if you have to force yourself! Have fun grab and go snacks such as raisins, carrot sticks and cheese sticks on hand and banish the processed cookies and cakes from your kitchen and pantry.

Follow these tips, use your common sense, love who you are and your new year will last all year! Enjoy and good luck!