SBO NEWS defeated the champion! Rennes I broke bossed PSG 2-1.

Paris Saint – Germain win the 2013-2014 Premier League season since it’s not on to win the match after Monaco unexpected always Guingamp 1-1 at the Stade Louis II ‘s own making. Monaco is Vice champion Both get into the UEFA Champions League group stage in sbobet thai season . For football team opened Parke Poprad Sphinx des Rennes team found 15 French fries Cup 2014 runners who need a victory to escape relegation.

Nasar Al – Light Coffee K PSG president . Payouts to the player ‘s Parisian 400,000 euros, or 18 million baht each team after the league . Ligue out and Laurent Blanc Trainer PSG . Not lost three consecutive games , leading the team name Isla Ibrahim Norwich captain Sweden aged 32 years leading the goalscoring league. Ligue shot up 25 goals as a substitute after just missing a sore thigh muscle , right sbo Edinson Cavani and Ezequiel Lavezzi put Vanguard on Cabaye midfield French national team played . Italian midfielder Marco Ratti software being dropped as a backup .

Philippe Lanier Trainer Montage Rennes , 49, defeated the army several shots from Guingamp 0-2 in the Coupe de la sbo Cup final . On Saturday night , May 3, sent Nelson Olivera pioneered HIV Agadir Portugal and full on.

Through the first half , a 3 minute quick 1-0 lead PSG Council WAP arc at center- Mans . Rennes captain passed the ball poorly sbo Edinson Cavani was paid to cut the ball to Ezequiel Lavezzi in the box , right- foot shot spin lattice.

17 minutes away is the prospect of Nelson Olivera missile launchers striker slips into sbo but Salvatore Sirigu Torre makes a save.

However, 23 minutes Rennes 1-1 draw Paul – George N. State ‘s left-wing cross to the second pillar full Edgartown great right foot shot sbo ball to ricochet caught Kristof Jacques Vallee . posted own goal

Rennes 27 minutes to turn a 2-1 lead Paul – George N. State ‘s lethal free kick from outside the penalty area on the left sbo ball into the goal as possible.

But minutes later, PSG have to change out the Kristof Jacques Vallee outback right out of the field. Due to back injury and Mark Vincent sbo System Brazilian defender to play instead.

Minutes 44 defenders to the ball Javier Pastore ply open faster way Lavezzi sbo breakers in the box on the right , but Benoit Gore Stilwell Joseph knockout first half Rennes to 2. -1

Half trainers Laurent Blanc ‘s France . Change players and 2 reserves throughout Isla Raton Ibrahimovic Norwich and Lucas Moura replaced Ezequiel Lavezzi sbo on Thiago Motta minutes 57, 58 , respectively.

67 minutes Cavani had the ball bounce right side to Javier Pastore Pastore goalscoring sbo 10 yards over the crossbar .

Minutes later , Blaise good mother booked for protesting the referee after Stony Ongar Gautier that PSG have penalty . The rhythm of his body by sbo John Samuel Bass Tesco pulled down in the penalty area ended the game winning goal unexpected Rennes , Paris Saint – Germain 2-1.
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